What is the GDPR?


The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. This is a set of rules that organisations and businesses have to follow and required by law if they store peoples information.


By Law we need to comply with the GDPR. Which means that we need to specify what kind of information we hold about our users/players, and give you the opportunity to request to see information we hold about yourself. We cannot give you information about another user or player on our server or forum.


The basic details we hold are only what is necessary in order for you to receive our services. 


Such as: 


When you sign up to the forum we store your email, your name and if given by you we also store your Minecraft username. When you connect to the forum, your IP address is also stored. The only information visible to other users are what you put in your profile page, and your chosen user name, and your email address if you have selected to allow others to send you an email. This is not an option by default and you need to select that option to enable it. The information on this forum is stored in a secure database that is firewalled and not accessible by anyone else. We DO NOT pass your information to third parties (unless required by law to prevent a criminal act or to report a criminal act).


Our services are not obligatory and if they are used by the players, it must be with parental consent and data will be secured as per the GDPR. If you connect to our server or forum, it is done so with the knowledge and acceptance of these regulations. If there is no consent do not connect. 


The data will be stored only as necessary to process donations if donations are received through our donating portal using BuyCraft; and for the purpose of ensuring security for all players. 


We do keep IP addresses in relation to the Minecraft users IGN (which acts as a pseudonym). The IP addresses are stored to help prevent any criminal activity and as such will be passed to authorities in the event of any such activity being reported. We also do keep the Minecraft UUID's of players that connect. These UUID's also act as a pseudonym and we do not hold a person's personal information in relation to either the IGN or UUID. The UUID and the IGN is important for Minecraft to verify the users that are using their services and that they own a legal version of the game. These UUID's are necessary for you to engage with the Minecraft Game and the plugins on our Server. 


Joining our server / forum / or donating, is done so on the basis that you accept these regulations and agree to our processing policies. 


Information stored is only what is pertinent to our players being able to receive our services such as make use of the forum, play on our server, or donate through our donation store. 


We DO NOT trade data, nor do we pass any information onto any third party unless required by law. We DO NOT store payment information, only the date the transaction was made if donating, who made it and what it was for. 


You can request to see what information we hold about you at any time by messaging the owners from the forum or sending us an email. Click Here to Send an Email