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Ranks except for Member rank, are currently offline. But you can still donate and use the contribution you make now off the cost of the new ranks in future. 

We are excited about the new ranks we will be offering, there are exciting things happening! 

To donate still, please select a package from the Donation Category, and the amount you donate will be deducted from a future rank that you donate towards.

Some players or staff wish to make regular contributions of a set amount on a monthly basis to our servers running costs. If you wish to do this you will need to select the "Sponsor" package, please scroll down to read about Sponsorship or select "Sponsor our Server" from the Menu on this page.

The Donation Ranks listed below are not available to donate for at this moment. They will be either changed or removed. If you have already donated for these ranks you will be moved onto an equivalent package according to the amount you donated.

When you donate to help our server, you will be given Ranks ingame as a thank you, according to how much you donate.

There is also the option to simply donate to the server without getting a Rank as a thank you. This is useful if you are happy with your rank and don't want to change anything, but just donate to help the server.

Member Ranks are free to players who like playing on our server, and can be received by buying them free, so you check out as you normally would, but the cost is 0, so you pay nothing.  They are not available as a Donation Rank.  You get 3 playervaults with Member rank. (Guests do not have playervaults), Members and above also get 1 week fly every 4 weeks on Roleplay server.

Each Rank has perks and abilities. The Ranks are as follows:


Please see the individual Ranks for further information about the Perks and Abilities of each rank.

Terms and Conditions:
Donations are non-refundable.

Griefing the server will result in you losing your rank, at the very least, you may also be banned depending on the type of grief. Please do not grief!
Breaking the server Rules, may result in you losing your rank, and possibly a ban.
If you get banned, you cannot get a refund. Please don't do anything that will result in a ban.

Please obey the Rules. To see what these are ingame type /rules

Any Donations will be greatly appreciated.


Ranks Available:

Member Free

3 Playervaults /pv 1,2,3     (up to /pv 3)

200 ingame $

1 Week Fly every 4 Weeks - Fly is still subject to Races and Server Rules. So if you can't fly as a Mermaid, you can't use fly unless you are a race that flies! Also, you can ONLY fly in your claimed land

These DO NOT auto renew. You need to re-select the Member every 4 weeks, unless you are a higher rank. Then you just select the Weeks Fly every 4 weeks.


VIP Donate £5

Donate VIP and get the VIP Rank:
- VIP kit, in addition to Member Kit
- Full access to pets EXCEPT Nether mobs.
- Full Head Database permissions
- Full Trails permissions
- Coloured /Nick
- Coloured chat
- 20 Vaults with 54 slots inside of it to store your items! to open it /pv 1
- $5000 ingame money
And all from Member group:

Elite £8
Donate Elite and get the Elite Rank:
- All Permissions from Member and VIP Kits
- Elite Kit, as well as Member and VIP kits
- 25 vaults with 54 slots each. /pv 1-2-3 to open them!
- All guns /shot (factions Server)
- Coloured /msg
- All pets
- $8000 ingame money
And all from the VIP and Member Ranks:
- All Heads /hdb
- All Trails /trails
- Coloured /nick
- Coloured chat
And all from Member group
Premium £11
Donate Premium and get the Premium Rank:
- /Fly   /Repair   /Feed   /Heal     - Feed and Heal others
- Magic in /msg, /nick and chat
- Animated frames /af create
- Premium Kit plus the Elite, VIP and Member Kits
- 40 vaults with 54 slots each! /pv 1-2-3-4-5-6 to open them!
- $11000 ingame money
And all from the Elite, VIP and Member Ranks:.
- Full Access to All 
- All Heads /hdb
- All Trails /trails
- Coloured /nick
- Coloured /msg
- Coloured chat
PixelKing £20
 [Sale - usually £30]
Donate PixelKing and get the PixelKing Rank:
- /Fly   /Repair   /Feed   /Heal    - Feed and Heal others
- Can use all colors/format codes into chat.
- PixelKing Kit plus kits Premium, Elite, Vip, Member.
- 60 Vaults with 54 Slots Each! /pv 1-2-3... to open them!
- Get 100000$ in-game.
- /getpos to see position of your enemies!
- /near to see nearby enemies!
- All permissions and items from Premium, Elite, Vip and Member groups.
PixelGod £35 
 [Sale - usually £50]
Donate PixelGod and get the PixelGod Rank:
- Switch from gamemodes Survival and Creative (/gamemode)
- /Fly   /Repair   /Feed   /Heal    - Feed and Heal others
- Can use all color/format codes into chat
- PixelGod Kit Plus PixelKing, Premium, Elite, Vip and Member kits.
- 100 Vaults with 54 slots each! /pv 1-2-3... to open them!
- Get 1 MILLION Dollars in-game
- /getpos to get the position of your enemies!
- /near to see nearby enemies!
- /Thru to go through walls to a maximum of 10 blocks!
- World edit permissions in Freebuild and Creative (plots) world!
- Cannot be banned for minor offence up to 3 times.


If you wish to sponsor our servers and pay a regular amount you choose, on a set day of each month for a longer period of time, then this is the package for you. 

We thank you for your dedication and interest in our server, and for your contribution to our community. You can choose to have the "~Sponsor~" title after your name in chat, or on hover over your name, or both, or you can remain completely anonymous if you choose. 

There are 3 options under this category, for you to choose from.:

Sponsor £5+ 
Title on hover and in chat

Sponsor £5+ 
Title on hover only

Sponsor £5+ 
No Sponsor Title, as you wish to remain Anonymous

Please Note:

The Sponsorship Packages are subscription only packages and NOT set for a one-off payment, they will re-occur MONTHLY. If you wish to sponsor more than the minimum £5 below, you can edit the amount before you checkout. The entered amount will be the subscribed amount, and this will be sent to us on the same day, once every month, until you cancel your subscription. These are NOT Refundable, as they will be used to go towards server running costs and no direct perks to you, apart from our gratitude to you for contributing :)